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Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning


Welcome to my page . My name is J. im a carnie who is proud to say so .
I have had many a great times and will share memories with friends who are more like family in the years to come . On the next page I explain how I became a carnie . I have included some pictures and some links to other like sites , I hope you enjoy ..
A little about me before the carnival , I grew up in the great state of maine . In some nice small contry like towns . Some of my greatest memories are of SwannLake inSwannVille Maine . lived in maine until I was 19 then I hitch hiked to florida with a friend , wound up watching some people set up carnival rides , was offered a job , and the rest is history , Well not exactly its all in the pages to come .....


Spiral, Spinning Horizontal Line

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I opolgize for the inconvience ,

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.