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How it began


How it began
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Things are a little bit diferent ' behind the sceenes !

I myself have a diferent view of what a " carnie " is compared to a vast majority of people .  This is why I have brought this page to you all .
  Those " dirty carnies " or even " damn carnies " , known for foul launguge and jst knowing how to have fun no matter where they are . ie. the midway , Wally World , yup you name it .
     But what you dont see are the bonds created between coworkers they become family , you live together , you eat together , and ride together over jumps , ect ...
  I remember plenty of times looking back where I am some of my friends like " ears " , 'pack-rat " , " super-dave " , "THE BITCH " , and other various tittles we gave eachother . Many people who worked and met on the show got married and had children and either travel with them are at least come and visit .
  I have two lovely boys , who'm are a direct result of meeting that speacial someone at the right place n time , " kizzarni " .
 The living a comodations arent always the best . But most of us make the best of everything . I think that is what atracted me most of the show , The sense that things were o.k. even when they arent .
  Or the days you just wanna cry and no one is listening , one ride on the pirate ship with a cup of coffee and a Camel cig , sun glasses on Fade To Black by Metallica ( by request ) ...

I started out on rides and did that for a few years on and off .
  I was last a jointie and ran joints such as " The Mini Ball " , "The Mirror Joint ", Various balloon joints . ect .. wasnt verry good at it but had some good times . As for my time as a " Ride Jock " i loved it . The feel of the cold steel in youre hands on a cold dark rainy night .The cheers cusses and hollars of youre co workers off in the distance tearing down rides.
 The sound of steel banging , And the smell of diesel fuel pumping from the generator , The occasional passerby to watch us climb steel and operate machinery . The comroddery on a tear down is beyond any explanation .
It amazes me how fast and safely we can do our jobs if we love working together , each man ( or women ) has his (or her ) own task , and we try to break reccords .
 My old crew from the "Seatle Wheel " broke several time reccords .
 Also when I ran the gravitron we broke some reccords .

J. Nate .Little Mike
Typical Jointies

Just Another Day As A Carnie


After hours of work the previous night , and a few hundred miles later with no sleep , and several cups of coffee , we were not only ready to drop and in need of a hot shower . never the less we didnt loose our sense of humor .

Terms Used By Carni" :

Head Ache = Duck ( flying object )
Joint = Game ( consessions )
R-Key ( my dog , A locking pin )
Ride Jock = Operator
Jointie = works the games
Lead Line = The cable that powers the rides
Bunk House = 5Th wheel With several rooms
Lot = Our location
Jump = The travel between towns
Major =Large ride Seating more than 20
Spectacular = having hundreds of brilliant lights
Kiddie Ride = self explanatory
Tear Down = Take em down and jump
Set up = self explanitory

The staple food of the carni
Cheese burgers , Corn dogs , Waffle house ( many , many times ) .
  Hot dogs , Polish Sausage , Cotton Candy .
Coffee is high in the list of must have's